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Detach & Despatch document

Many retailers and fulfilment houses are involved with ‘drop ship’ operations. The goods come in from the manufacturer already boxed and ready for despatch. Before they are shipped they need to be labelled and a corresponding Despatch Note needs to be printed, folded and inserted into a documents enclosed wallet. The other option is to open the box, insert the note and reseal the box with tape. Does this help ‘quick ship’ operations where time is money?

Paperuk have once again created a truly innovative document which has been specifically designed to assist with quick ship operations and save your business its two most important assets, time and money.

Our ‘Detach and Despatch’ document is printed via a laserprinter, detached from the form and fastened to the box outer. The laminate protects the Despatch Note from the elements and allows it to sit flush to the outer preventing it from getting knocked off in transit. This application eliminates the need for folding and inserting the Despatch Note into a documents enclosed wallet as well as the need for a documents enclosed wallet. It also saves the opening and resealing of a box to insert the note which means that a big time and cost saving is created.

Different sizes of form can be produced depending on the amount of space you need. Our current samples will accommodate 22 lines of text at a font size of 10pt or 25 lines of text at 8pt.

Please view the images below which provide more information on Detach and Despatch.

1. Variable text is printed onto the form via a laserprinter.
2. Push the Despatch Note section through from the front of the form.
3. Once removed the Despatch Note is ready to be attached by using the laminate surround.
4. The Despatch Note is turned over and applied to the parcel outer.
5. The Despatch Note is fastened securely to the parcel. It sits flush to the outer and all despatch details remain private.
6. Peel back the laminate using the dry lift tab to release the Despatch Note.
7. The Despatch Note is released and the details are revealed.

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